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By harten

October 14, 2013 Artists exhibition 3 Comments

I had the immense pleasure of attending Agota Sjostrom’s exhibiton; Either/Or on opening night and I was utterly amazed. Not just by the works but by also the style in which they were created. She was very adamant that her works were all constructed by hand. This seems to be a driving trend in today’s art world and it is very much like in the days of the industrial revolution where William Morris reacted against the onslaught of machine created crafts by venerating the crafts person. Her works are predominantly in black and white and have been hand painted. Her sculptural works are hand cut shapes created from card that have been meticulously painted.

“Either/or” is showing until the 25th of October at The Mill, 154 Angus street in the City

Many artists today, believe that the method that they use to create their work is as important as the work itself. For example, for a photo-realist artist the act of creation an important part of the works appeal. Agota’s work is no exception. Each piece is a result of countless hours of fine brushwork or drawing, even mistakes are left in the final work adding to its authenticity.




Entanglement is a geometric creation in black and white. Angled lines connect above circular intersecting shapes. The positive and negative lines interplay across the surface. The effect is a rhythmic pattern that captures the eye. The whole work as well as many of her other works is reminiscent of a “Magic Eye” pattern; I must confess I tried to blur my vision in order to see the three dimensional image but nothing came.

Singularity #3

Singularity #3

Singularity is a black circle shape constructed with thousands of hand painted circles. The circles increase in size as they get closer to the centre. The beauty in this piece is in the negative space in the centre. This work is extremely appealing in that the dark central shape is repeated almost infinitely in the surrounding shapes. One can simply become lost in the contrast and texture.

Optical works such as those found in “Either/ Or” are appealing because of the harmonious patterning which injects a dynamic air to the work. Agota’s bold contrasts and vibrating patterns please the eye and energize the space. I love their elegant simplicity of form.

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