Amalgamate 2012- Victoria Casson

By harten

December 3, 2012 Artists Illustration No comments

Amalgamate is the title of the University of South Australian 2012 Bachelor of Visual Communications Graduate Exhibition. A vast array of work was on display from two main genres of Design, Illustration and Graphic Design. I was impressed by the overall standard of the work which featured a wide array of media and technique. Victoria Casson’s work caught my eye.

A specialist in illustration; Victoria Casson works in both traditional and digital media, with a keen interest in inks and watercolour. Her work caught my eye as it was fresh and vibrant and clearly conveyed a personal meaning.

“Empowerment”, 2012, was designed for a brief which had a citizenship theme. The image is of a young lady in a white dress swinging, with legs outstretched on the branches of an old tree. The tree takes the form of an old Aboriginal Australian man; kneeling with his bearded face bowed in quiet contemplation he looks ancient and wise. Green foliage extends from the branches with loose playful lines. The whole scene is aglow with deep green light which has been washed onto the surface. This work mixes wash with pen and ink to create an organic feel that highlights the natural nature of Indigenous Australians. Line is a unifying element along with colour. The dynamic angular line creates an energy which complements the static forms of the tree and balances the work. Light has been used to direct the viewer and highlight these dynamic features.

Victoria’s approach through this work it to explore the lessons we learn and the growth we can experience from a life of good citizenship. It is about how we share our choices now with those around us as a legacy for future generations. The Aboriginal imagery is an element which connects the female figure to a timeless natural existence. It is not restrictive at all on the contrary the association allows the female to soar cradled in the safe arms of those who have travelled this world before us.

“Connect” 2012 is an illustration with two figures,each a mirror image of the other. They unashamedly face each other naked and cross-legged in front of a large full moon or celestial body. They are in a meditative pose with one hand raised seemingly to sense the other. The background is blue and rhythmic; haphazardly brushed. At various points the two figures overlap. At this intersection the colours merge into a blue grey. The figures float in the space attached to nothing but each other and the glowing moon above them. This work uses symmetry to great effect; developing an interplay between the shapes. The line work is simple and boarders the complex forms well. It is more solid and contrived rather than organic and flexible.

“Connect” was created as part of a series exploring the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation. This work explores a self-connection and awareness. How, through becoming more self-aware we can learn more about who we are and our place in the universe.

Victoria Casson is only at the beginning of her career and I am looking forward to seeing what she will produce in the future.

You can see more of Victoria’s work at her website.

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