Bespoke- A Tourrific Prospect tour down under project for 2012

Lindy Neilson- Spring Bike

This is a fantastic initiative by the Prospect Gallery Advisory Group to celebrate the tour down under start in Prospect on the 17th of January. This exhibition is held in two places both on the street and in the gallery. Local artists were invited to transform donated bikes into artistic creations. These are installed along the race start on Prospect Rd. They not only provided an excellent back drop to the tour down under festivities but involved the local community. This is what art is all about at heart. There is also a gallery exhibition to celebrate the cycling life of Prospect past and present. This exhibition I will review later.

I took a stroll and photographed many of the creations on display along Prospect rd. Many were joint creations involving parents and children or like minded friends. Many bikes had pride of place in shop front windows or in gardens. Some bikes were suspended from street signs or on roof tops.

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