George Andric- sculpting through Time and Space

By harten

September 27, 2012 Artists artworks No comments

George Andric is a South Australian metal sculptor who has exhibited Australia wide. His welded steel sculptures incorporate overlapping lines and shapes. Recently he exhibited his work at the Palmer Sculptures 2012 biennial.

“Time and Space”, 2012 was commissioned by Prospect Council and was opened on the 25th of September.

This sculpture is composed of a series of rectangular shapes welded together. Standing at a height of approximately 4m and located along Churchill Rd; it is an eye-catching landmark and is designed to be lit from below at night. The rectangular shapes gradually decrease in height and increase in width and then return to the original form. These shapes seem to pulsate vertically and horizontally as viewed from the road. Directly in front they form a cross.

From the side the shapes decrease and increase from the top and bottom.

This entire sculpture utilises a uniform repetition to provide a unique visual interest.

The title of the piece suggests an affiliation between the work and a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.  The work enables the viewer to actually move through it; to traverse through time and space.  It has the feeling of a worm hole or a pulsating star and is attractive and shiny in comparison to its environment.  The suburb of Prospect sees itself as a progressive; artistic, creative and innovative community. This sculpture highlights these features through its slick metallic lines and clean shape. “Time and Space” is designed to be viewed mainly from the road as someone drives or walks past it; this makes it a dynamic shape that changes with the viewer’s movement. Children play on it; negotiating the undulating shapes, both inside and out.


Watch a video by John Nieddu showing the construction and installation

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