Guadalupe Cincunegui- Intricacies of texture, environments in bloom

Carving out Rabbits I met Guadalupe at an art market in Prospect just before Christmas. Initially I was initially drawn to her photographs, which were simply stunning, full of colour and life.
These photographic insights into distant lands were interspersed with her drawings and prints. Her work is focused mainly on texture and colour. Her drawings are all one of a kind works and showcase her methodology. She has a Blog, Facebook page and Etsy store and operates under the name of Miss Fire Photography. When one looks at her work you get the immediate sense that a great deal of time has been dedicated to her drawing in particular.  Printmaking is also an art where one must spend time working on the block.
For Guadalupe, art is about being in the moment. I was able to ask her a few questions about her work and how it was that she became interested in Art.

Could you tell us a bit about your background, how is it that you became interested in Art?


Zen Doodle- Hand drawn

I work full-time as an archaeologist and cultural heritage adviser; and, in this role I have been fortunate to travel and work all over Australia and the Middle East. I moved to Adelaide from Sydney five years ago and I love it so much, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. There is such a wonderful “artsy” community here, I am constantly inspired and often feel like anything is possible! My mother and father both have very clear ideas of art and natural aesthetic and as children; my sister and I were always encouraged to interact with the world in an artistic way. My mother studied art at university and she encouraged drawing and painting, while my father has always loved photography. From a young age I would often have one of our trusty Asahi Pentax’s slung around my neck.

Owls- drawing

Party time owls- hand drawn image

Has your relationship with Art shifted over the years? I loved Art at school, but never felt particularly arty! I love colour, shapes and patterns, advertising posters and prints, but never really made the connection between what I loved and what I was always drawn to until I moved to Adelaide. I started drawing and printing early last year as a way to unwind and be in the moment during some difficult personal times and now I use drawing almost daily as an exercise in mindfulness. Who or what has been your greatest inspiration? I am an avid reader of blogs and am constantly inspired by artworks I see in people’s homes and Australian artists and in particular graphic designers. Sometimes I think I may have chosen the wrong profession and should have been an architect or a graphic designer! I am hugely inspired by local creatives and the amazing friends I’ve made at the Union Street Studios. Simone Tippett has been a wonderful teacher and friend to me in the last two years.

Rabbits Lino Print

Miss Marilyn Bunny- Lino Prints

You work in a variety of media, do you have a favourite? I love photography because of its ability to capture the moment so perfectly, I love how changing the light, angle or depth of field can completely change the image and I absolutely LOVE the feeling you get when you capture the perfect moment even though you didn’t realise what you were doing at the time. I am often away for work and I love that I can take my cameras with me and shoot unusual environments and people I meet. Drawing and printing are different, because they require more thought and I’m not always able to work while I am away. My drawings are quite organic and the patterns evolve on their own, I add colours as I go and I feel my way to the finish, adding colours here or there-or leaving them in black and white. Printmaking is something I enjoyed immensely at school and which I have re-kindled my love for in the last few years, it always shocks me as I tend to imagine prints one way when I am creating them and they always seem to exceed my expectations!

You can see more of Guadalupe’s blog and Facebook page below. She also has an Etsy Store where you can purchase some of her work.

Missfire photography facebook page

Etsy store Miss Fire Photography

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