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By harten

December 21, 2011 Artists artworks 1 Comment

I have seen a lot of “The face” driving around Adelaide and it wasn’t until this Artist turned up in a reputable magazine that I understood who was behind them. Peter Drew was born and educated in Adelaide and has been a practicing street artist since 2006. He also writes about Art and has been doing so since 2009.

Drew produces two types of work, his studio work which is represented at A.P. Bond Gallery and his street art which has turned up in Berlin, Glasgow, London and Adelaide.

I’m interested in the way that the online world effects our quality of communication. To this end I create imagery and words for an online context then place them into the real world. Often this exposes their absurdity but occasionally the truth prevails despite the most limited means. I equally enjoy the absurd and the truthful, especially when they are one and the same.

Drew’s work is greatly influenced by the digital world, he explores pixelation through his studio work in particular. To this end he is a consummate master, exploring the rich world of human emotion “digitised” into an online presence. In this Facebook day and age where we share so much of our persona with the world, Drew is fascinated by the notion of whether our humanity can be compressed and recorded in the simple yet legible format of pixel iconography.

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