Rundle St- Bike Yarn Bombing

By harten

January 18, 2012 artworks Street Art 1 Comment

After a tip-off last night I scooted on down to Rundle Street to have a look at some yarn bombed bikes. If you know nothing of Yarn Bombing let me inform you. Yarn bombing is a covert art form in which knitting folk cover items in wool. Under the cover of darkness, like wool wielding ninjas everyday items on the street scene are enveloped in colourful Yarn. The Rundle Street bikes had been there a while and were very neatly completed. I loved the use of colour and the way they had incorporated the form of the bike into their design. Some merely covered the bike in coloured wool so its shape beneath was apparent. While, in other bike designs ornately decorated and quirky features were reflected more. Along the street they were sparse; they left me thinking that they should have been in a more concentrated mass, so the viewer could take them in better. When creating art for display, a simplistic work can achieve the same ends as a more complex one if it is clever. And to say this many were very clever. One of my favourites had a little bird in its wheels upon a blue star lit background. I love the way that handlebars of other bikes became swan heads or cow horns. Yarn bombing reflects the effort that has gone into the very creation of the work. It was sad to see that some were damaged or removed by the public. Rundle Street is a smaller version of Prospect rd, in terms of its bike display more subtle in many ways. Maybe it has to be, it’s in the city and the yobos are roaming; seeking to devour anything of beauty and intelligence.

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