Street art walk on a Sunday afternoon

After seeing the brilliant Oi you Adelaide Exhibition, at the Artspace gallery. I decided to take a walk with the kids to see some street art, lucky there was a really great map to give you a bit of a headstart.

Following the lead of another blogger- Anika Johnstone who wrote about a lunch break street art exploration one of her blog posts- read her post here. Her photos really wet my appetite to go and see some of the work for myself. We had a ball, and made some great discoveries as well.

I also discovered the street art I was about to encounter on the route, was from some of the best artists in the country.

Here is the map. We followed the pink trail but really easily got sidetracked.


Rone- Bank street

 A massive creation by Rone on Bank street. A majestic piece, a gritty drip portrait, the size of a building. Following the map we were easily able to find these great works. Walking down side streets, we were met with exciting finds. We even managed to photograph a few of the pieces.
In the coming weeks we have vowed and declared that we will explore more of the other points shown on the map. Street art is ever changing and exciting in Adelaide.
 Some Adelaide Street art links

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