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Tim is a consummate illustrator who is very well-known, though most people may not know his name. He does work as a court sketch artist producing drawings that often illustrate the seedier side of life; his work often appears on the news or in the local paper. He currently is exhibiting his work at Mrs Harris’ shop located in Thebarton. The exhibition is titled “Off the Page” and features his work along with Deborah Baldassi   His style draws heavily on an illustrative tradition with bold outlines and watercolor fills. His strength lies in his ability to capture the moment in time; be it now or thousands of years ago. Tim also works in amateur theatre and is an art teacher (where I met him). He is a witty personality with a quirky sense of humour which comes through in much of his work.

“Conan” was completed in 2010 as an illustration for a comic book. It describes the moment in time when the muscular figure of Conan a Marvel comic book character jumps from the deck of one ship to another much to the terror and dismay of those who oppose him. With a shield held close to his chest and sword in his hand he is drawn into the fray.  His intense piercing eyes reflect stalwart concentration. The faces within this work have been rendered to exhibit expression. Textural detail has been applied to provide visual interest and dark and light tones upon the smooth shapes serve help to lead the eye about the work. Contrasting elements highlight the action and dynamic movement. I really enjoy the composition of this work shapes have been used to lead the eye; examples include the down pointed sword and pointed helmet. Rounded curves soften the dynamic movement and allow the eye to rest. This work is created for a select audience who understands the barbarian nature of the Conan character. His brash, dominating strength is exhibited in this work.

“Wyvern” is an illustration for a book on mythical creatures. A large green dragon is perched on a rock while two intrepid adventurer sneak up on the incredible creature; though their dog is somewhat lacking in bravery. In the distance we can see a thick foreboding forest with a small township lying beyond.

The textural components in this work along with the colour serve to capture the imagination of the viewer and intensify the action. Water colour and pen and ink highlight the line work and textural components in this piece.

I enjoy the humorous inclusion of the little dog as it provides an interesting aspect to the piece. Black line work; as a tool in illustration, serves to bring a greater contrast to sections of the work so the viewer is better able to notice them.  They were possibly at one time a necessary element to book illustrations because of the methods of reproducing images in the past. I suppose that now in the digital age this black line element is largely aesthetic.

Tom the outback mailman is a children’s book that Tim Ide has illustrated and is a storybook highlighting a real life outback character; Tom Kruse. Known as the Birdsville Mailman, he delivered mail and other supplies to a wide region of the outback from 1936 until 1957. The story of his two-week road trips was captured in a 50’s documentary Back of Beyond, putting him on the national stage. Tim Ide has brilliantly captured the colours and characters in the Australian Outback. Above is the cover artwork with the rich blue of the outback sky captured with the use of acrylics. The varied ethic groups of the outback are represented along with the truck, “The Badger”. All of the illustrations have an intimacy and typical Aussie humour about them.

Jack “the dogger” is one illustration contained within with Tom and Jack sharing a meal cooked on a shovel with dingo skins drying in the background.

The illustration style of Ide is one which embraces traditional methods, yet incorporates the reality of life in the bush. His direct line work and water-colour washes all serve to compliment the bright washed out colours of the outback.

This exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays throughout October 11:00am – 3:00pm

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